The Greatest Show on Earth 2 / Sr. Bernard's story (DOWNLOAD BROCHURE, german / english)
Leporello folded brochure, 2008
Sister Bernard Overkamp was born in 1944 as Hildegard Overkamp in Suedlohn and joined the missionary sisters of the sacred heart of Jesus  in Muenster-Hiltrup in 1965.
She was living in Papua New Guinea from 1968 until 1993 to teach domestic science to local women.
After 25 years she stopped her mission there and went to the USA. Since the year 2000 she and her colleague sister Dorothy are travelling with a circus from town to town.
As an employee she takes care for the costumes of the female dancers. She and sister Dorothy want to be among the people and accompagny them in their everyday routines. The call it a ministry of presence.
Stefan Demming visited Sister Bernard in her everyday life in one of the biggest circuses of the USA, to make the project The greatest show on earth 2 (Video / Installation). The brochure contains photographs that Sister Bernard sent to her family in Germany from Papua New Guinea (1968-1993), newspaperarticles about the two nuns in the circus (2000 - 2007) and photographs by Stefan Demming taken during his visit in the circus.