Just journey with them
HD-video on BLU-RAY, 29’20’’, Pal, colour, stereo 2010
Language: Lowgerman, English, Pidgin; english subtitles

„Dorothy keeps on saying: It’s like in the old testament:
it’s a journey, life’s a journey – just journey with them!“
(Sr. Bernardis)

 Sister Bernard Overkamp was born in 1944 as Hildegard Overkamp in Südlohn and joined the missionary sisters of the sacred heart of Jesus  in Münster-Hiltrup in 1965.
She was living in Papua New Guinea from 1968 until 1993 to teach domestic science to local women.
After 25 years she stopped her mission there because she thought the local sisters could do even good without her and she „didn’t want to be a hindrance for they cannot live their own culture.“
After a sabbatical she went to the USA. Since the year 2000 she and her colleague sister Dorothy are travelling with a circus from town to town, their home is a trailer.
As an employee she takes care for the costumes of the female dancers. Dorothy teaches English to circus children. She and sister Dorothy want to be among the people and accompagny them in their everyday routines whether they’re catholics or not.. The call it a „ministry of presence“.
The video shows pictures of Sr. Bernard’s time as a missionary sister, as well as the everyday life in the circus: the journey, the load-out and preparations, the show, the load-in, the journey ...
In between encounters with workers and acrobats, backstage stuff and animals, they try to find a slowdown in a circus that’s staging a mega event. This year, Sister Bernard will be 66 years old. Working conditions have improved little.
If the trailer won't break down, she wants to stay in the circus with Sister Dorothy at least one more season.






Sister Bernard & 2 dancers from Brazil