Low resolution cinema (LRC)
Installation for public spaces: display of films by 12 lights and 1 speaker, 2005-2007
LRC transforms the lightness of films into a matrix of 12 light bulbs. The film thus shines constantly dimmed
into public space, the audio becomes a narration on its own. For every location a special film for the performance
was chosen, in Riga the documentary 235.000.000 (1968).

Read a text by Ursula Frohne on LRC.



films, locations:
235000000 (USSR 1967),
 Riga (city center)
Die Kunst geht auf die Strasse (D 1970),
 Kunstverein Hannover
Auch die Engel essen Bohnen (I, F, S 1972),
 Bohnenstrasse Bremen
City lights (USA 1931),
 KAH Bonn
 Low resolution monitor: in a closed-circuit to Die Videow├Ąchter (by Nam June Paik, 1993),
 Kunsthalle Bremen